How can I help you?

Job assistance

- Job search for the unemployed
- Arranging unemployment benefits
- Help with finding a job and organizing an accommodation
- Assistance in job negotiations
- Career counselling

Workforce planning

- Advisory services for recruitment and selection of new employees
- Assisting in hiring process (e.g. arranging accommodation, finding adequate employees)
- Leading development programmes: organizing business trainings and courses for people that face difficulties with communication in the Dutch language
- Business outsourcing: translations, corporate recruitment

Meetings Arrangement

Counselling in official matters and arranging meetings in:
- Immigration office
- City municipality (gemeente)
- Tax office (belastingdienst)
- Hospital or clinic
- Employment agency (uitzendbureau)
- Bank
- School
- And in other places such as central station or real estate agency


- Creating resumes and cover letters in English and Dutch languages
- Assistance in writing job applications and letters of resignation among other documents that relate to employment
- Renewing subscription agreements
- Writing letter of complaints
- Assistance in electronic /mail correspondence: writing e-mails/letters to companies and private persons
- Helping to obtain diploma/certificate qualification

Direct Assistance

- Participating in meetings mentioned in “Meetings arrangement” section
- Assisting at your working place (current or future)
- Help of an “assistant” in any other occasion, where proficiency in English or Dutch languages is required

Official Matters

BetaSupport can support you in obtaining:
- Unemployment benefits
- Life insurance allowance (zorgtoeslag)
- Child benefits (kindertoeslag)
- Housing allowance (huurtoeslag)
- BSN/SOFI/DigiD numbers
Bank account or OV card

Who am I?

Who am I?


Since my early days as a student in journalism and social communication, I have been particularly interested in social communication and human resource fields of study, which I further developed after moving to the Netherlands. Additionally, I learned Dutch language and culture what helped me to enter the Dutch job market successfully.


Furthermore, I co-operated with a company that conducted social research for the University of Utrecht. The scope of the research concerned the Poles and representatives of other foreign nations living in the Netherlands. I accomplished this project successfully which allowed me to work as a market researcher for GDCC (Global Data Collection Company) in Rotterdam. In 2015 I started working as a specialist in the international recruitment for an ICT company in The Hague.


Having gained the broad experience in the Dutch job market, I am now able to help you in a professional manner in your everyday and professional life at any stage of your stay in the Netherlands. I offer you a wide range of services, starting from uncomplicated ones such as GP visit but ending in more sophisticated ones, such as finding a new job. There, you will avoid making mistakes that are often made by those who have just arrived to the Netherlands.



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Den Haag


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